Sweet Dreams Hawaii

Cacao & Coffee


We are also growing 100% Hawaiian Coffee Beans here in Hilo and other growers from the Big Island like Rustys from Kau, Mahahiki Farms in Kona and Mauna Kona Farms in Captain Cook, Roditti Coffee  to name a few. They supply us with a varity of different flavors and textures, also we hope they can provide us with an unlimited supply as the demand grows. The coffee beans are delivered fresh, clean, green and ready to roast.

We are roasting onsite:  medium or dark roast to your liking.

Using only local products for all the various flavorings, i.e. chocolate sauces, cacao butter, macadamia nut oils, coconut oils and  Local and/or Madagascar vanilla beans with Hawaiian cane sugars or Hawaiian honey are just a few ways to give back the Aloha spirt while sustaining our local economy.

Fresh picked Cacao grown here on the Big Island of Hawaii in Hilo, with the help of other local farmers through-out the state. Grosh Cacao, Donohue Cacao Farms, Rachael Roditti Cacao & Coffee Randy Zulick Cacao, David Reppun, Roy Cornella Cacao,and Patrick Merritt Cacao,  just to mention a few.

Fermented, dried, made into nibs and processed into a chocolate liquor, added with sugar and vanilla beans made either into  80%, 50% dark or milk chocolate bars and/or candies. We are offering 100% Chocolate grown & made here in Hawaii.