Filled Hand Dipped Dark or Milk Chocolate:

Call ahead for special orders:

If you just stop by we may be sold out any and/or all chocolate.

All Dark Chocolate will be 80% and Milk Chocolate will Be 50%. with 2% Milk.

Fillings available:

Carmel's made with macadamia nuts, milk and macadamia honey $1.00

Macadamia nut truffle's cream, butter and macadamia nut liquor $1.00

Fondant with dried flake coconut  $1.00

Fondant with Macadamia nuts $1.00

Fondant with Coconut Oil $0.60

Fondant with Macadamia nut oil $0.60

Fondant with Vanilla extract $0.75

Marzipan                                            $1.00

Pecans                                               $1.00

Roasted Almonds                               $1.00

Solid Bars 80% Dark 1 Pound            $50.00

Solid Bars 50%  Milk 1 Pound            $45.00

1.5 oz. Bar Dark  80%                        $  5.00

1.5 oz. Bar Milk   50%                         $ 4.00

Solid Single Chocolates/Bars:

Chocolates made here is with C & H cane sugar and Vanilla Bean with ratios ranging from 80%, 50% for Dark  at $1.00 per piece. The  Milk Chocolate is made with C&H cane sugar vanilla and 2% powered milk  ranging from 80%, 50% and 25%. $1.00

Breakfast:     Bagel & cream Cheese      $3.50

Pop-Overs Chocolate/whipped cream         $2.75

English Muffin                                               $2.00

Hawaiian Sweet Bread                                 $2.50

Croissants'                                                    $3.00

Potato SoufflĂ©                                               $4.50

Spinach Quiche                                            $4.75

Natural Flavorings: Macadamia nut oil, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg and/or coconut                                                                    $1.00

Choose your milk: whole or cream

Choose your espresso Coffee: Hilo, Kau, Kona

Light or Dark Roast - Single, Double of Triple


Call a day ahead for all breakfast and/or lunch orders  for guaranteed freshness and service

Coffee Choices:         espresso shot: Sng., $3.00  Dlb., $4.00 Trip., $6.00


                                                       SM-12oz       MED-16oz       LG-20oz

Americano                                         $4.00               $5.00           $6.00

Capuccion/latte                                  $4.00             $5.00            $6.00

Chocolates Available.

Lunch: Caesar's Salad                              $9.00

                with chicken                                $12.00

Tomato & mozzarella, Balsamic & Olive oil salad                                                             $9.00

Pumpkin Soup with Pop-Over                       $9.00

Pulled pork teriyaki Burrito                            $9.00

Ask About Specials!                                  

Choose Sweetener's:, whipped cream, vanilla cane sugar, chocolate sauce 20% sugar, macadamia nut honey, Splenda

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